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I am inspired by bold colours in nature and the tactile quality of different materials.  Using a range of media such as canvas, paper, paint, ink, thread and fabric my creativity has become a therapeutic tool. It rewards, occupies, re-inforces, distracts, feeds and nourishes me in many ways. Inspiration from my local  countryside in Cambridgeshire, the vast landscapes visited from my travels abroad, a long career as a community health worker in the NHS all contribute to what I choose to capture with whatever material I select to work with on any particular day.

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2021 Cambridge Open Studios UPCOMING

2019 Cambridge Open Studios


2019 Colour and Form, Camden Image Gallery. London Painters and Sculptors Group


2019 Robinson College Cambridge Charity Art Exhibition


2018 Colour and Form, Camden image Gallery. London Painters and Sculptors Group


2018 Inked-Up Printmakers, Curwen Print Study Centre


2017 Colour and Form, Strand Gallery, London. London Painters and Sculptors Group


2017 Whittlesford, Cambridgeshire Charity Art Exhibition


2017 Foxton, Cambridgeshire, Charity Art Exhibition


2016 Whittlesford, Cambridgeshire Charity Art Exhibition


2015 Strand Gallery, London North London Artist Network


2015 Hertford Open Exhibition  


2014 Camden Image Gallery, London. North London Artist Network


2013 Insight School of Art


2012 Art Van Gogh, Knebworth, Hertfordshire. 17@Insight


2012 Cork St Gallery, Mayfair, London. Open Exhibition


2012 Outside the White Cube, Bermondsey, London.  Shortlisted


2012 Tudor House Studio and Gallery Hertfordshire. 17@Insight


2011 Ayot St. Lawrence, Bennington Annual Art Exhibition


2011 Insight School of Art, London.

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